Monday, January 4, 2010

FishTales: A Tale of Unrequited Love

It was Tuesday. He came every two weeks, like clockwork. If there was a clock that did days and weeks instead of hours and minutes...

His name was Rocky and he was our office's fish guy. I suppose he had an actual title like "Fish Tank Maintenance Operator" or something, but it was just easier to refer to him as the "fish guy." Every Tuesday he would come to the office and clean the 50-gallon fish tank that housed a variety of underwater creatures. We had two clown fish, a large yellow cowfish, a fish I couldn't identify but who had been given the unfortunate name "Edward Cullen" and the crab we called "Stella." Mostly we called her Stella because his name was Rocky, but he didn't know that.

I've been the receptionist in this office for the last two years. My name's Louise, by the way. Louise + Rocky. It has a ring to it, don't you think? And as you can probably guess, I'm slightly interested in the fish guy.

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